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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

What is PCIT?

PCIT offers a way for caregivers to build confidence, resiliency, and connection with your children as you navigate their early development.  Backed over 30 years of research, the essential ingredient of PCIT is live coaching.  

PCIT is a 12-18 session parenting program that teaches you how to manage your child’s difficult behaviors while having fun and increasing their positive behaviors.  Parents and Coaches meet once a week for one-hour sessions. 

PCIT starts with you following your child’s lead during play.  You will be taught how to praise, describe, reflect, and imitate their behavior.  These skills help improve your relationship with your child and your child’s behavior.

Next, PCIT helps you learn to use commands that work with your child.  It also helps you learn to use calm discipline that works.  Your PCIT Coach will help you learn how to manage your child’s behavior in many different places.  As part of PCIT, we tailor services to meet the needs of your family.

Who is PCIT for?

PCIT is for children ages 2 to 7 who display the following:

  •  Parent-child relationship problems                                      
  •  Refusing adult requests                                                           
  •  Easy loss of temper                                                                  
  •  Annoying others                                                                       
  •  Destruction of property
  •  Difficulty staying seated
  •  Difficulty playing quietly
  •  Difficulty taking turns

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