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Coping Skills for Female Identifying Teens

Teens who identify as female face a multitude of stressors including problems in their relationships, pressures to “measure up,” and academic demands.  Group therapy can be an effective way for teens to work towards improved mental health while building relationships with peers in an emotionally safe and supportive environment.  In this group teens will have the chance to grow in their mindfulness skills, self-soothing abilities, connectedness in relationships, and taking perspective when life is challenging.    

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The ADHD Child:
What Is It, How Is It Treated,
What Can Parents Do?

This four week course covers what ADHD actually is, common misunderstandings about ADHD, evidenced based therapy, medication options, and how to manage behaviors at home.

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Friendship Groups:
Ages 7-9 & Ages 9-11

Groups can be an effective way for young children to work on problem-solving, developing empathy, teamwork, and establishing and maintaining friendships.  Each session will include group activities that promote problem-solving, logical thinking, sensory exploration, or creativity with opportunities to practice what they have learned both in session and in the weeks between. Each group is offered at separate times to accommodate your schedule.  


Gottman Method
Couples Workshop

 This workshop is for couples in any stage of a relationship, married or not.  The content is based on the findings of John Gottman’s 40+ years of research on the habits of couples on how to improve friendship, emotional connection, and conflict skills.  The workshop includes lectures and private couple exercises.  Participants will not share their personal information in front of others.

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Intuitive Eating Group

The “Intuitive Eating” therapy group is designed for individuals of any gender 20 years or older who are concerned about their relationship with food and/or those who are struggling with poor body image.  This group will be an interpersonal process group offering a place for individuals to process their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to disordered eating and concerns around body image, body acceptance, and body trust.  

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