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The ADHD Child:

What Is It, How Is It Treated, & What Can Parents Do?

THE ADHD CHILD is a 4 week basic class discussing the ADHD child.  We will talk about what ADHD is, including addressing common misunderstandings about this neurodevelopmental diagnosis.  We will also discuss common, evidence based treatment options including basic behavioral strategies and a review of medications available.  We’ll also discuss how ADHD impacts the child within the family and at school, offering strategies for supporting your child and family.

More Dates Coming Soon!

$200 for 4 week package

If you would like to get on the list for future groups please scan below to register.

We will contact you when the next group dates are set.


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Bridget T. O'Boyle-Jordan, MSN, CPNP (she/her). Bridget is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in neurodevelopmental and neurobehavioral disorders, preferentially ADHD and Tourette's Disorders. Her primary focus is on medication management, education and support for both the child/teen and their immediate family members. Bridget also participates in multidisciplinary consultations and assessments and holds a significant interest in the education of families, teachers, schools and the community at large.

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