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Intuitive Eating Group

Sundstrom Clinical Services is pleased to announce an educational “Intuitive Eating” group designed for individuals of any gender 20 years or older who are concerned about their relationship with food and/or those who are struggling with poor body image.  This group is a blend of education and “process”, meaning it is a place to learn more about the principles of intuitive eating and how to apply it, while also allowing for space to share personal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to eating as well as concerns around body image, body acceptance, and body trust.  The group is designed to deepen our understanding of what Intuitive Eating actually is and how to adopt the principles into everyday life.  We will explore the insidious ways diet culture imposes harmful and dangerous standards while practicing ways to garner self-compassion and consider ways to have a gentler, easier relationship with food and body.  Group members are encouraged to receive and offer support and feedback and respect the privacy of other group members.  The group will be “open”, meaning that drop-ins are allowed, and participants are free to join when available.  The group meets in person for all sessions.

More Dates Coming Soon!

$60 per session*
*Insurance may apply.  Members are encouraged to check their coverage and submit
claims to their insurance provider.  A sliding scale fee is available for financial hardships.


To register or to express interest in future Intuitive Eating Groups, please scan and register below. 


For current registrants, Paige Marmer will contact you for a free initial 20 minute phone screening evaluation.  For any questions please contact Paige Marmer at 503-653-0631.

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Dr. Paige Marmer (she/her) received her B.A. at the University of Vermont, and her M.S. and Psy.D. at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in counseling and clinical health psychology.  Paige completed a pre-doctoral internship and a post-doctoral fellowship at Temple University's Tuttleman Counseling Services in Philadelphia.  Paige’s approach to body wellness is modeled after Intuitive Eating and she identifies as a Health at Every Size provider.  She seeks to help her clients redefine their relationship with food and body.  

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