Eating Disorder Treatment & Prevention

Venturing into treatment and taking a risk for yourself, your child, or a loved one even when that risk promises the possibility of recovery can be a scary and overwhelming process.  A part of you may feel hopeful, while another part, the eating disorder part, often feels resistant, beaten down or hopeless.  We are here to walk beside you as you develop new ways of living and relating to yourself and others. We have seen the promise of a recovered life countless times and know it is possible for each and every one of you.

Our Eating Disorder Treatment & Prevention program is run by Zanita Zody, Ph D, LMFT.  Treatment services are provided by Zanita Zody, PhD, Paige Marmer, Psy D, and Sumner Brooks, RD.  For more information on the Eating Disorder Treatment and Prevention program please click here:

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