Nutritional Support

Our nutritional support is provided by Sumner Brooks, RD. Sumner is a licensed dietitian with advanced certification in eating disorder treatment including binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa as well as treatment for undiagnosed disordered eating and dieting. 

Nutritional support meetings involve devising a plan and an approach to best meet your body’s needs for recovery, energy, and wellbeing. Everyone’s body is unique in what amount of food it needs and what health looks like. Across the spectrum of eating disorders, nutrition therapy with an RD gives you the opportunity get guidance on how to feed your unique body. Sessions can involve setting goals for recovery, meal planning, parent coaching, increasing variety, intuitive eating counseling, sports nutrition, and counseling aimed at improving your relationship to food.



Food is much more than just nutrients. How and what you eat touches nearly all aspects of your life in some way. Food is a way of connecting and building meaningful relationships with others. It’s how we fuel our bodies to be able to do all that we need and want and it provides the building blocks for supporting proper growth and development. Food is also a source of enjoyment, pleasure and celebration. Eating disorders can steal away your permission to eat. Our eating disorder care team can help you get back to a place of balance and freedom with food so you can recover and live a life according to your values.



You may be coming to a nutritionist for the first time, or perhaps you are seeking care during a transition from a higher level of care to outpatient. For clients under the age of 14, we will recommend a parent or parents to attend at least the initial consultation with the clients, and likely some or all sessions. Please call SCS at 503-653-0631 to schedule your initial 90-minute assessment. Follow-up sessions are 45-minutes and can be scheduled as needed. You will receive a packet of intake paperwork prior to your first visit which helps our nutritionist fully understand the reason for your visit and any pertinent health history information.  Please complete the paperwork ahead of time and email or fax back to the clinic at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment if possible.