All Therapy  Will be Offered Online

See below to learn how to initiate telehealth services.

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COVID-19 Procedures

Our providers are working to meet your needs in as many ways as possible. Please see our resource page for links to help you and your family during the community shut downs. 

As we all continue to live together in these uncertain times, we feel compelled to help preserve the safety of our clients, our providers and staff, and our collective community.  Now more than ever we want to offer support and strategies to thrive within the challenges. We are providing the same high-quality therapeutic services within the safety of online delivery. For those that are hesitant--try it out! Its been working wonderfully and we are so happy to continue our important relationships with you. 

Until further notice, all therapy will be done via telehealth sessions only

To schedule a telehealth session, or change your session to telehealth, there are a few things you need to do: 

  1. Complete new forms here to provide telehealth consent and permission to bill for telehealth services.

  2. Call our office at 503-653-0631 to securely store your credit card for payment at the time of services. 

  3. Review these instructions for to get your computer or phone browser ready for a telehealth session via

  4. Prior to your session, you will receive an email with a link to your providers "digital waiting room." 15 minutes before your session time check in via the link to be sure your connection is working and your provider will join you at your appointment time.

I do not want telehealth appointments.  What should I do?

We understand that you may not be comfortable with a telehealth appointment for many valid reasons. If you do NOT wish to keep your upcoming appointments as telehealth appointments, you have two options:

  • Call the front desk at 503-653-0631 to cancel upcoming appointments. We will not reschedule in person appointments at this time. You will be able to reschedule in-person appointments once public health recommendations allow it.

  • Contact your clinician directly (via email) to discuss your urgent in-person needs. Your clinician may request an initial online appointment to determine if an in-person session is essential. The clinician reserves the right to change or reverse the decision on a case-by-case, day-to-day basis.  SCS strongly discourages in person appointments for the time being, as they are contrary to current public health recommendations.

Of course if you or your children are sick, or if you provider is sick, we will reschedule any session.​  You will NOT be charged any cancellation fees if you cancel due to discomfort with telehealth services.

Does Insurance cover Telehealth? 

Most insurance companies are covering these services, including every major insurance company we work with (we have checked this effective March 15th). You may contact your specific insurance plan to be certain. Our top priority is to continue to serve our community, and we believe carriers will cover their members as well.  

I'm not very tech saavy...I'm not sure I can make that work? 

The technology is very simple. You will receive an email with a link to your providers digital "waiting room." Click on the link 10 minutes before your session in order to give you time to call our front desk if you have any connection difficulties. We are still available for your phone calls and needs! Your provider will connect the session at the appointed time. 

How does Telehealth work with children? 

We understand that, depending on the age, telehealth may be more challenging for some kids. Your therapist can guide you through how best to adapt telehealth sessions to your child's needs. We know parents can use all of the support and brainstorming they can get, and we know that our kids have lots of questions about coronavirus. Many kids have found it exciting to use the technology and show their provider their "home world." One helpful strategy is to have the therapist share time between checking in with the child and checking in with the parents. We have some great thoughts and strategies for decreasing anxiety and helping families cope--so check ins have been very beneficial.

With all of us at home together, I am concerned about my privacy during a telehealth session? 

We understand that therapy can bring up sensitive feelings and emotions-especially now. Teletherapy can be done on a computer or a phone. Many clients have gone for a walk in a private setting or have had sessions in their car or another private location. If you have concerns your provider will be happy to help you identify what's right for your needs. 

I do not have the technology available for telehealth sessions. What should I do?

We are happy to help! Given the uniqueness of this time, we can conduct phone sessions for clients who prefer or need a simpler format. Or call the office to help you with your connection problems. 

At SCS we want to thank you for supporting our business and

allowing us to help you and your loved ones thrive.

These are unusual times that will likely challenge us but also help us grow.

We look forward to walking this journey together.