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Reclaim your joy and get your life back

TMS is a highly-effective, long-lasting treatment for depression.

When it comes to depression, sometimes

medication and therapy aren't enough. 

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You’ve tried everything, but you’re still feeling…

  • Overwhelmed and barely keeping afloat?

  • Guilty about letting down the people you care most about?

  • Lonely, like it’s hard to even show up and connect?

  • Stuck in a heavy, grey numbness and dread about the future?

  • Exhausted because even the simplest stuff in life feels like a chore.

  • Tired and unable to even consider a new treatment?

We believe recovering from depression shouldn’t be so hard.


Deepen Connections


Feel more present and satisfied in your relationships, and know you are worthy of belonging.


Renew Your Joy


Rediscover your zest and look forward to future events, with renewed motivation and hope.


Embrace Gratitude


Enjoy life's simple pleasures and get your life back to a life you love.

The TMS team has earned my deep trust and gratitude. Such careful attention was paid to the small details of my journey—nothing was overlooked.  The entire staff wrapped me up in this system of support to get me through.

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Before TMS it felt like I was losing something…but had no clue when or where I last had it. Then one day, I realized that what I lost was myself. I felt like a burden to my family…I’d put my kids to bed at night and think ‘They deserve better than me,’ but I had nothing left to give…After TMS it felt like some of the hope that depression stole was restored. I never imagined I could find contentment, let alone happiness in life. Even though life isn’t perfect, it feels like I’ve been given a second chance that I never thought was possible.” 


82% of our patients have seen significant improvements, with many overcoming their depression entirely.

We get it, relentless depression can feel hopeless.

I know you want to feel like yourself again. In order to do that, you need to overcome depression. The problem is, you’ve tried everything and nothing has really worked. This can leave you feeling stuck and hopeless. 


We believe getting better shouldn't be so hard. That’s why, after 30 years in the industry, we’ve made it our mission to help people restore their brain’s natural balance for true healing with TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).


Here’s how our approach is unique:


Compassionate: You’re not alone. We provide 1:1, empathetic support to navigate the challenges of change, ensuring you're enveloped in care from our dedicated team.

Comprehensive: Our clinic extends beyond TMS, offering a wide range of mental health services and continuous support, even post-TMS.

Effective Results: We enhance TMS with customized, research-backed care plans aimed at achieving lasting results and putting an end to depression.


Ready for lasting change? Schedule a TMS Discovery Call.

Lee Evans

Lee Evans, Lead TMS Practitioner, PMHNP

Lee Evans leads our TMS team at Sundstrom Clinic. Certified in 2017, Lee has more than 1000 hours of TMS training. Our technicians are not just machine operators; they're trained to guide and motivate you, helping you change habits and feel supported during your TMS treatment.


Patient Improvement With TMS


Years in Practice


Clients Served

Here's how it works.


Schedule a Call


Find out if TMS is right for you. If so, our team will start the process of getting the treatments approved by your insurance.


Receive TMS Treatment

Begin pain-free, supportive treatments for only 26 minutes a day and get back your life.


Get Your Life Back


Start enjoying every day with newfound energy and optimism as you reclaim the life depression tried to take from you.

Don’t let depression steal another year from you.

Together, let’s tailor a targeted TMS treatment plan so you can reclaim your joy and live life to its fullest.


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